It’s not uncommon to spot homemade fliers when walking around your neighborhood. Most of the time they’re for ordinary things like lost cats or someone selling a couch. But sometimes they can be so outrageous that you can’t help but break out laughing!

These hilarious posters are so ridiculous, we can barely believe they’re real… especially #25!

1. Somebody’s sentient potato is missing.

2. Because “head size” is critical information and not at all terrifying.

3. At least it’s not a skunk.

4. But it’s my precious!

5. Yes, and I think we’re all better for it.

6. This is totally trippy.

7. “And then I woke up in a tub of ice with a massive scar.”

8. No, my chicken is always happy.

9. To be fair, I’ve heard they are delicious.

10. Nice work, Steve.

11. Ninjas!

12. “Yes, please tell Mr. Ritchie it’s Adele. Yes, I’ll hold.”

13. Which one are you?

14. I just keep rubbing salt in the wound.

15. It’s important not to suck.

16. Which to choose!?

17. Will there be bananas provided and do I have to speak an adorable nonsense language?

18. Nice try. Points for creativity, though.

19. It’s funny because it’s true.

20. Call me when it’s a Pegasus.

21. Shut up baby, I know! 

22. He’s a stool pigeon. GET IT?

23. It’s okay, because I hear that dog was a dick.

24. Classic, Jeff, amiright?

25. If you actually see Mr. Tiddles, it probably won’t end well for you.

26. This dog loves bread crumbs.

26. SMDH

27. Ohhhh nice, I needed one of these.

28. I repeat: No Pegasus, no deal.

29. Bring it in, brother. 

30. April O’Neal, we need you now more than ever.

31. Some might say I did it all for the Wookie.

32. You leave that gentle creature out of your grammar wars, you monster!

33. Page me when it’s a goatee. Goatees are cool.

34. When you get it…

35. May all of our dogs be so awesome.

36. Yes. He haunts my dreams.

37. Aw, is he a chihuahua? 

38. Winter, it’s a magical and awful time.

39. I’M IN!

40. That’s misleading.

41. Never stop being a Wookie, guys.

42. This seems like a reputable business.

43. I blame Yoda.

The world is just full of affable jokers, isn’t it? These really put a smile on my face!