Celebrities may have reputations for a number of things, but being smart is not often one of them. The media focuses on the dumber things that they do, like being rude to fans or fighting the paparazzi, so the last word that most people use to describe them would be “brilliant.”

A number of stars, though, are much smarter than people give them credit for. They’re not merely above-average, either – they have IQs that can compete with some of the most powerful minds out there.

1. Madonna was added to Mensa’s genius list for her 140 IQ.

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2. Having graduated from the Victorian College of the Arts in Melbourne, Nicole Kidman boasts an IQ of 132.
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3. The fact that he’s a high school dropout doesn’t change the fact that Quentin Tarantino’s IQ is 160. That must be why his film making skills are almost completely self-taught.

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4. Steve Martin initially dreamed of being a college professor. With an IQ of 142, he would have made an excellent one.

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5. Dolph Lundgren is best known as a big, tough action star, but with an IQ of 160, he is also a genius. He has a chemical engineering degree from the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm, as well as receiving a graduate degree from the University of Sydney in the same subject matter.

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6. Sharon Stone has both brains and beauty with her 154 IQ.Getty Images

7. James Woods was still in high school when he started attending a UCLA advanced algebra class, and later went to MIT on a full scholarship. That’s probably thanks to his IQ of a whopping 184!

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8. Shakira’s IQ of 140 doesn’t lie!Getty Images

9. Before The X-Files made David Duchovny a star, he got an undergraduate degree from Princeton and a Master’s degree from Yale, bolstered by his IQ of 147.Getty Images

10. James Franco has taught at NYU, UCLA, and USC, so is it any surprise that he has a 130 IQ?Getty Images

11. Though she was offered a scholarship to Barnard college, Kesha turned it down to focus on her music career. The pop star has a 140 IQ, and had a near-perfect score of 1500 on the SAT.Getty Images

12. Meryl Streep’s success as an actress probably has a lot to do with her 143 IQ. She even graduated with a B.A cum laude from Vassar College.Getty Images

13. Cindy Crawford may be a supermodel, but after graduating as her high school valedictorian and attending Northwestern to study chemical engineering, not to mention having an IQ of 154, her life could have gone in a very different direction!
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14. Matt Damon has a 160 IQ and really went to Harvard, where he wrote an early treatment for Good Will Hunting. How do you like them apples?Getty Images

15. Mr. Bean may be goofy, but Rowan Atkinson himself has an impressive 178 IQ. He attended Newcastle University to study engineering, and studied further at Oxford.Getty Images

16. Not only does Tommy Lee Jones have an IQ of 135, attending Harvard in pursuit of an undergraduate degree, but he had Al Gore as a roommate!Getty Images

17. With a 140 IQ, Natalie Portman is fluent in six languages, a Harvard graduate, and the author of two articles that can be found in scientific journals. Getty Images

18. Kate Beckinsale attended New College in Oxford, studying Russian and French literature. With a 132 IQ, she also is fluent in German.Getty Images

19. Her Friends character, Phoebe, may not be too bright, but Lisa Kudrow has done many other things with her IQ of 160, such as serving as a medical researcher.Getty Images

20. From appearing on shows like The Ghost Whisperer and 24, to performing stand-up comedy, it may seem like there’s nothing that Aisha Tyler can’t do. That’s likely because she has an IQ of 154. She has a Bachelor’s degree from Dartmouth, speaks three different languages, and is even known to be a skilled poker player.Getty Images

21. Ashton Kutcher was accepted to both Purdue and MIT, but he chose to focus on his acting career instead. With an IQ of 160, he turned out just fine.Getty Images

22. Alicia Keys has an IQ of 154, and was ready to attend Columbia University before her music made her a star.Getty Images

23. Jodie Foster was able to teach herself how to read at just two years old, thanks largely to her 132 IQ. It’s also helped her balance her studies at Lycée Francis de Los Angeles while still a child star, as well as putting her acting career on hold to study French at Yale.Getty Images

24. Arnold Schwarzenegger’s 135 IQ proves that he has both brains and brawn, with degrees in business administration and international fitness to show for it.Getty Images

25. Mensa member Geena Davis has a 158 IQ, which led Bates College to give her an honorary Doctorates Degree.Getty Images

26. Emma Watson is just as smart as Hermione, getting into Brown University with a 138 IQ. Not bad for a Hogwarts graduate!Getty Images

This just goes to show that as public the life of a celebrity may be, there are still things that we don’t know about them.

Who would have thought that Dolph Lundgren could have been a scientist?