Given how much time, effort, and emotional energy it takes to care for a dog, many families feel like their first child is the kind that barks and wags his tail. Dogs get attached to their human parents much like a human child would, so it can be difficult to predict how well the family dog would react to the arrival of a new human baby.

These 28 families decided to document those precious moments in which dogs discover these tiny, crying additions to their human family… and each picture is absolutely priceless!

1. “Gross. Why doesn’t it have hair?”

2. “Hey, you’ve had a long day. I can take it from here.”

3. “I have to admit, Sally, I’m still not sure if I’m ready for this whole ‘baby’ thing.”

4. “Whaaaat is happening?”

5. That looks comfy.

6. “That thing is adorable!”

7. “Whoa, that’s…actually pretty comfortable.”

8. That’s as good a place to take a nap as any.

9. How long are they going to stay like this?

10. They’re both so wrinkly!

11. “What are you looking at?”

12. “I’m a big brother? That sounds like too much responsibility.”

13. “Never change, kid.”

14. These two are going to have a beautiful life together.

15. “Don’t worry, I’ve got you.”

16. “She loved me first!”

17. “Nice to meet you, little bald puppy.”

18.”Yeah, we can keep her.”

19. Kissy kissy!

20. “Something smells weird with this one.”

21. So cute!

22. “Don’t look at me like that, I was born two weeks earlier!”

23. “This…makes me uncomfortable.”

24. “I approve.”

25. “She’s not going anywhere. Not on my watch.”

26. Their faces say it all.

27. “So, like, is the dog going to be with us forever?”

28. “Ugh, that’s what I wanted to wear, Mom!”

It’s truly something special when a baby grows up with a furry friend, but some dogs may act aggressively if the introduction isn’t handled properly. For advice about how to best ensure that their first meeting goes well and start a lasting friendship, please follow these tips!