Dogs are wonderful pets for so many reasons. They’re loyal, they love to play, and they’re the smiling face that greets you when you get back home.

But while dogs might be the best pets, that doesn’t make them flawless. Every now and again, we can’t seem to explain to our dogs that we’d like a little breathing room — and that seems to be a common issue.

Here are some dogs who have never quite picked up on the whole “space” thing. Get outta their way!

1. Scoot your boot.

2. “Our owners are pretty great, huh?”

3. “I couldn’t stop him, Jerry. I tried.”

4. “I don’t know what you mean by ‘dog’ and ‘get off the couch.'”

5. “Night night.”

6. Faces are great for napping.

7. “I will sit here until you honor the ‘fives’ rule.”

8. Road trip?

9. “We’re just havin’ fun.”

10. “Is this my life now?”

11. This is like having a cat.

12. “What brother?”

13. Sleeping next to dogs usually becomes dogs sleeping on you.

14. Sitting Software Has Crashed.

15. Someone doesn’t like losing their spot.

16. That’s the safest spot.

17. “How come he gets a car seat and I don’t?”

18. “Why? You ask me, ‘why?’ Because I am cute. That’s why.”

19. “I’m a cat.”

20. Loyalty at its finest.

21. The cat was never seen again.

22. “What’s ‘updog’?”

23. “I own him.”

24. This seems nice.

25. Ohmygoshohmygosh.

26. He thinks he’s people!

27. “It’s time for dinner, Roger.”

28. Guess I should punch out for the day.

29. “Cheesin.”

30. “Plaaaay wiiiittthh meeeeee.”

Oh, who cares if they’re space hogs! Dogs are the best, and I love when they’re in my personal space!