Is their any dream bigger than owning the perfect home? Sure, everyone can put up with a boring old apartment or three, but at some point, you just have to turn your dream into a reality and find yourself the perfect place to call yours.

But what should you put in your ideal dream house? Well, for starters, all of this amazing stuff!

1. Stairs that double as a slide.


2. A pool that looks like a swimming hole.


3. An outdoor fireplace for your porch.


4. What’s a dream house without a secret room behind the bookshelf?


6. This room doubles as a closet.

The Coveteur

7. Rotating sink? Yes please!


8. This ceiling light turns your room into a magical forest.


9. Keep your cat happy with this awesome cat track.



10. Add some storage space underneath your stairs.

Deriba Furniture

11. Summers aren’t complete without this outdoor movie theater.

Fancy Material

12. Book worm? Put them in your stairs!


13. Wine gets even better with this spiral cellar.

Spiral Cellars

Spiral Cellars

14. You need this window in your life.


15. Think of all the storage space!

16. This staircase is also a hallway.

17. What’s the par on this course?

18. Floor-board vacuums make cleaning a breeze.

Aerus Vacuums

19. Kitchen window that becomes a bar? I’ll take one!

20. The kids will adore this hidden playroom.


21. Take your house to the next level with this theater!


22. Beer taps turn your dream house into party central.


23. The Best Playroom EVER.


Now all I have to do is strike it rich so I can add all of this to my home. Until then, I’m just stuck with my regular old set of stairs and my boring old bookcase. Oh, the humanity!