Unique food is a big part of every region’s culture. While the locals may find their cuisine to be a delicacy, often times strangers find their diet to be rather gross. Regardless of culture, however, there are some truly vomit-worthy foods that don’t get that way based on where they’re from. They get that way because they’re honestly foul.

Here are 29 such dishes from every corner of the globe that aren’t just unusual — they’re just plain disgusting!

1. An entire chicken… in a can.


2. Also, an entire cheeseburger… in a can!


3. Squeeze bacon: for the monster in all of us.


4. Potted meat… whatever that is.


5. Canned… alligator?


6. Brains de la Pork.


7. Noooooooooo.


8. Brown bread… in a can. Why is this a thing?


9. Casu marzu… aka “maggot cheese.”


Yes, that’s “maggot cheese.”

10. These here are still-moving frog legs…


11. Deep-fried spiders, anyone?


12. Balut, or half-fertilized duck or chicken eggs, boiled and served with salt.


13. Snake and scorpion wine really takes the edge off.

The Skrilla

14. Cobra hearts. Yum.

Marc Zawel

15. Birds’ nest soup, which is actually made with a bird’s saliva.

Way Wen

16. Baby mice wine, which is used a “health tonic.” Sure, why not.

Ray William Johnson

17. Kopi Luwak coffee is expensive and rare and made from Asian palm civet poop.

TripWow / Woodlands Woman

18. The eyeball of a tuna fish.


19. Rocky mountain oysters, otherwise known as buffalo testicles.

Weird Existence

20. Fugu, or highly poisonous puffer fish, which must be prepared by an expert chef… or else.

Life of a Lil Notti Monkey

21. Insects of all types are common in most cultures that aren’t European of North American.


22. Escamoles are the eggs of poisonous black ants.

Alice Lee

23. Mongolian boodog, usually prepared with a goat, is cooked using the animal’s body as the oven.

Chris Kaplonski

24. An entire sheep’s head.

The Globe on my Plate

25. Bat soup, the natural conclusion to Bruce Wayne’s fear-of-bats arch.

Katie Arnoldi

26. Ox penis… is a thing, evidently.

27. Caterpillar parasites, which eventually kill their hosts, are eaten in some places.

This Is Gonna Be Good

28. Human placenta, for… super strength? Who knows.


29. Kumis, which is made from the milk of a mare. It’s alcoholic and has a laxative effect. Yum.


I don’t think there’s any way I could eat any of these. What about you? Could you stomach Rocky mountain oysters?