Sure, most people have bucket lists, but the things that we regret not doing most at the end of our lives aren’t often what we’ve listed on there.

An incredible project asked people who were on their death beds what they regretted most. It’s touching, sad, and even a little scary. But it will also help you see life in a whole new light.

1. Travel: Do it while you can, when your health is good, and when you can afford to do it.

2. Learning a Language: This one ranks very highly. Being able to communicate expands your horizons.

3. Relationships: So many people regret staying in bad relationships.

4.  Sunscreen: People regret not wearing sunscreen because of the damage the sun caused their skin.

5. Concerts: Countless folks have talked about how much they regretted never seeing their favorite artists in concert.

6. Fear: It’s a healthy impulse, but sometimes it holds us back. 

7. Physical fitness: Not prioritizing physical fitness can lead to stress, and general ill feelings. 

8. Gender roles: Don’t ever let yourself be held back by society’s expectations.

9. Jobs: If you hate your job, quit it! Life it too short.

10. School: Try your hardest, do your best, you only get one shot. 

11. Your appearance: Never talk down to yourself. You are beautiful! Don’t waste time thinking otherwise.

12. Falling in love: Don’t be afraid of it, and don’t run from it. Love is one of life’s greatest gifts.

13. Parents: It might be hard, but listen to them. They’re older, they’ve been through it all.

14. Self-absorption: There’s a whole wide world out there, don’t waste all your time taking selfies.

15. The opinions of others: At the end of the day, you are all you have. Don’t allow what others think of you to define you. 

16.  Your dreams: Helping others accomplish their goals is great, but don’t sacrifice your own dreams. 

17. Speed: It’s all well and good to think things over, but when it matters most, act without hesitation. 

18. Grudges: Focus on love, don’t let hate and bitterness overpower your heart. 

19. Standing up for yourself: Trust your beliefs. 

20. Volunteering: So many people regret not giving back to their community. Don’t be one of them.

21. Teeth: Take care of your teeth! You only get the one set for the majority of your life.

22. Grandparents: They won’t be around forever, so spend time with them while you still can.

23. Work: You should love your job, but it shouldn’t be your whole life. 

24. Cooking: Everyone should know how to make one great meal.

25. Living in the Moment: Put down your phone, leave the camera in your bag, and just savor the here and now.

26. Finish: Complete the things you start.

27. Party Tricks: Everyone should be able to do one great party trick to impress a crowd.

28. Expectations: Don’t let what your family expects of you get in the way of living your best life.

29. Friendships: Friends are exceptionally important, but not all of them are meant to last forever. Know when to let go. 

30. Kids: Don’t forget to take a time out from being a grown up to play with your kids. 

31. Risks: Take that risk you’ve been thinking of. It could change your life forever.

32. Network: It might not come naturally, but building a network can help your career in the long term.

33. Worrying: Don’t do it. It doesn’t fix anything and can take years off your life. 

34. Drama: It can be addictive, but it is toxic.

35.  Quality Time: Never forget to spend time with people and animals in your life who make you feel whole. 

36. Performing: It might not be for everyone, but you’ll never know until you try.

37. Gratitude: Learn how to be grateful.

Learn from those who came before you. It’s never too late to transform your life!