Seals are some of the brightest and sweetest creatures on the planet, and finding them in the wild is guaranteed to make your day. But when Geoff George at England’s Guernsey Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (GSPCA) heard about a seal stranded on a rocky beach during the recent winter, he just knew something wasn’t right.

Geoff took his tools and scaled the steep, rocky cliffside surrounding the beach. When he got down there, he realized he might already be too late…

Geoff George found this injured seal all by itself on a rocky beach.Facebook/GSPCA

He slowly and carefully scaled down the cliffs, only to see that the poor seal was in really bad shape.Facebook/GSPCA

He was lucky that his organization, Guernsey Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, notified him about the seal just in time before anything worse happened. But watch what he does next…

Carefully, Geoff put the seal pup in his pouch and scaled up the cliff to bring her to GSPCA headquarters, where she could receive proper treatment.Facebook/GSPCA
By Geoff’s estimate, the seal pup was recently separated from her mother. Because of this, she was weak and incredibly thin.Facebook/GSPCA

Finding a seal was pretty rare for Geoff and the GSPCA. This seal pup was the first one they had to rescue in more than two years.Facebook/GSPCA

The winter in the area was fairly mild, which proved to be fairly difficult for local sea life. Perhaps that’s why this seal found herself on the beach.Facebook/GSPCA

Soon, Geoff climbed off the cliff and took the baby seal to the GSPCA compound. It was there where he found that the seal pup was just a week old…and really malnourished.Facebook/GSPCA

That’s when he gave her a name: Bonnie.Facebook/GSPCA

At first, rescuers didn’t know if Bonnie would live to see another day.Facebook/GSPCA

She should have weighed around 90 pounds, but was only 30 pounds – mostly due to dehydration.Facebook/GSPCA

Without a moment to spare, Geoff and his workers gave Bonnie vital fluids and placed her beneath a heat lamp. That’s when they started to tube-feed her.Facebook/GSPCA

After 36 hours, Bonnie was still too weak to return home to the ocean. She had a lot of recovering left to do.Facebook/GSPCA

Over the next several months, Bonnie stayed in the GSPCA center as she received around-the-clock care.Facebook/GSPCA

Soon, she was able to start eating actual fish…and start gaining weight.Facebook/GSPCA

When she weighted at 88 pounds, the GSPCA decided it was time for her to return to the sea.Facebook/GSPCA

She made her big trip back to the ocean this past June. “We really were worried for Bonnie the seal pup when she was rescued, as she was so weak and we really thought she wouldn’t survive,” said GSPCA manager Steve Byrne. “Thanks to the hard work and care of the team at the GSPCA, especially Geoff George, and a few sleepless nights caring for Bonnie, the seal pup has now more than tripled her rescue weight and looking fantastic.”Facebook/GSPCA

The rescuers held a contest to raise funds for Bonnie’s food before they released her into the wild. Whoever raised the most money won the chance to attend Bonnie’s big goodbye. While the winner decided not to attend, the GSPCA junior volunteers got to say goodbye to Bonnie instead.

Rescuers were ready to finally see Bonnie off on Jethou Island. They called her release “Bonnie Brexit.”Facebook/GSPCA

When they brought Bonnie to the island, she leapt out of her carrier and ran towards the water. She was finally back where she belonged.Facebook/GSPCA

Bonnie has suffered through the worst, but now she’s where she belongs. It’s amazing that Geoff found her in the first place!

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